Risk and Compliance Management

There is no way to avoid risk or compliance in business. Risk management is anticipating and preparing for potential downfalls to minimize consequences. Organizations have to apply risk management across their entire operations with HR focusing on the risks it’s uniquely responsible for.

Risk management in HR means assessing and dealing with the potential risks that come with having a workforce. These risks are related to how you hire, retain, and manage employees and other types of workers, as well as employee behavior.

HR risk management is about contemplating likely scenarios and outcomes so you can minimize precarious situations, have adequate solutions in place, and even prevent problems from ever occurring.

Additionally, all employers need to comply with the relevant employment legislation of the day. In a constantly changing employment arena, and with case law ushering in different rulings on a regular basis, it is imperative for employers to stay abreast of the latest employment requirements and have these reflected in their employment contracts and policies.

Risk and Compliance Management

Risk and Compliance Management

All employees are legally required to have a written employment contract. Good employment relationships start with a clearly written employment contract, which sets out standards, expectations, and terms and conditions.

Not only are Employment Contracts a legal requirement, but they also stand at the foundation of the employment relationship and help to regulate all interactions between employer and employee. Detailing all the essential requirements of employment with an organization, they provide the “go to” documentation in times of conflict or dispute. They assist with the management of employees and also outline expectations.

HCBS can provide you with legally compliant, easy-to-understand, employment agreements to ensure that as an organization all bases are covered.

Managing risk and ensuring you have appropriate levels of governance in place at an organizational level are common features of the modern-day organization and HR should be no different. Risk appetite is always greater up until the point where something goes wrong and risk mitigation is always better than management after the event. The team at HCBS can assist you in successfully navigating the complexities of managing risk when dealing in a people context. The approach needs to be considered and thoughtful as the cost of getting this wrong for organizations can be significant.

The HCBS on-site HR Health Check provides an assessment of your current HR practices.

It gives insight to help you identify ways to gain a competitive advantage through improvement opportunities and the effective use of your people and talent.

It also highlights areas that may be leaving you open to risk.

The HCBS HR Health Check is a straightforward and transparent process following which a summary report is discussed along with recommendations.

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