Organizational Design and Development

Like when building a house, organizations need to have a vision, a structure, a strategy, and a plan.

Add to these the need for employee engagement and the development of a strong organizational culture, and your business is set up for success.

It is obviously critical to have the organization well designed with plans for development. A structured approach will get you there. HCBS can help at every step of the way, be it from scratch or to review and fine-tune where you are currently at.

Organizational Design and Development

Organizational Design and
Development Services

Whether you are a startup or medium seized company, formal rules and procedures that dictate how certain matters should be addressed in the workplace including employee rights and duties are needed.
Therefore, to avoid wastage, noncompliance and resource consuming lawsuits, you need these HR policies in place, well read, understood and signed off by your employees. HCBS is ideal to take you through the process of formulation and implementation.

Properly setting up and regularly fine-tuning the organization structure is imperative, as it regulates internal and external touchpoints and relationships. It determines responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities, and helps enhance communication, increase productivity and improve speed of delivery. It creates an environment where people can work effectively.
HCBS is well experienced in guiding you to establish a sound structure.

Developing clear business strategies is the way to focus your efforts and establish how you are going to achieve your Vision. Having an HR Strategy is essential to optimise the best use of your team, as well as ensuring the creation of an employment brand that will both attract and retain top people.

HCBS will work alongside your business to develop an HR Strategic Plan with key HR metrics to align with your organization’s vision, values and long-term plan.

Job descriptions support the organizational structure and workforce planning activities by clearly articulating roles and responsibilities aligned with the strategic direction of the organization.

HCBS has a framework and process that can assist with structuring job descriptions with role duties and responsibilities and align core expectations with the values and culture of your organisation which will provide the foundation to measure performance in the future.

The culture that you develop within your organisation creates the environment within which employees either flourish or fail. It is a massive determinant of organisational success. People increasingly want to work in an organisational culture that not only aligns with their values but that they also find satisfying and are proud to be part of and contribute to.
HCBS will work alongside you to determine exactly what sort of culture you want and measure, fine-tune and integrate all the related HR initiatives to achieve the culture you want.

HCBS can help you successfully plan, organise and implement change management programs. We guide you from start to finish and work alongside you every step of the way. This practical hands-on help in professionally implementing a change program or restructure, and helping you navigate through a potentially difficult and emotional time for your people, allows you to achieve the best results for both your business and your team.

Independent, easy to administer and insightful, our staff engagement surveys create involvement and engagement with your staff. Our customized surveys ensure you gain a deeper understanding of your team to create a more pro-active, supportive and engaged company culture.
HCBS can organize and conduct the survey for you, and then collate, analyse and report back to you with key findings. A very effective way to introduce and drive participative change, the surveys allow for an understanding and true measurement of organizational mood and key employee performance motivators.
Want to improve teamwork and collaboration? Working from the engagement survey results, these facilitated participative sessions involve the whole team and result in a more engaged and committed team.

Our salary and benefits surveys help you make informed decisions as regards to offering market competitive remuneration and benefits of your specific sector of business
HCBS will also support in the development of salary scales and benefits policies.

We help clients develop a robust performance management system in relation to the organisation strategy. Specifically, we:

• Assess the current organisational strategy
• Develop objectives, goals and targets;
• Identify individual and departmental performance Indicators; and
• Develop performance appraisal and reward related systems.

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