Outsourced Services

At HCBS we understand that there is a certain stage in an organization’s development where you are too small to have and afford your own dedicated HR specialist but are also big enough to need a dedicated HR resource to make the most of your people potential, ensure attraction and retention, support with HR Administration work, employee relations and to provide a regular on-site HR presence.

Our outsourced HR services offer flexibility and customized structuring to tailor to the needs of your business, no matter its size or stage of development. This means you can have access to the experience and expertise of HR industry professionals without the need for an in-house human resources department.

Outsourced Services

No matter your company size, payroll and tax processing can interrupt your focus and workflow.

We also offer Payroll Management services that take care of the payroll processing and payroll tax remittance only while the client retains the HR function responsibilities.

We support with salary and benefits computation, statutory and tax obligation computations and employee net salary timely remittance.

Our systems ensure high levels of confidentiality are maintained.

  • We support with the registration of companies with Immigration authorities to aid in the e-application process.
  • We are able to support applications for work permits, special passes and dependent passes. We make the process hassle free, quick and reliable.
  • We are able to support with the appeal process once a permit has been rejected and any other immigration queries.
  • We offer a range of scalable retainer options.
  • We develop a long-term relationship and strategy with you.
  • We help you set up the right HR systems to avoid risk.
  • Scale us up and down as your business evolves.

At HCBS, our manpower outsourcing model enables staffing flexibility and scalability which will greatly benefit our customers. We help to streamline the hiring and staff onboarding processes to allow for timely and effective staff deployment.
As your outsourced service partner, HCBS will help to deliver the services based on agreed service levels and key performance indicators (KPIs) to the delight of our customers. By partnering with us, you can focus on what you do best while we provide you with manpower outsourcing services efficiently and cost-effectively.

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